2014 Butet Premium 17" 1.50 Flaps

$ 3,250.00 $ 3,950.00

Seat: 17" 

Flaps: 12.5" Long x 12.75 Wide

Blocks: Front - Y, Back - N  

Color: Brown

Condition: Excellent

Available for trial! Serial # 767 14


The Butet offers advanced design concepts combined with the finest materials and top European craftsmanship. A leading choice for top riders worldwide, including US Olympic Silver Medalist, Chris Kappler. Handcrafted by Frederic Butet Sellier in Samur, France, the Butet is the most fully customizable saddle on the market today. The impeccable design offers a choice of three different seat depths combined with a multitude of flap patterns in each seat size, making it easy to obtain an absolutely balanced and correct fit for every rider. These options are also available in numerous panel designs and varied tree widths to facilitate an accurate fit for your horse. The solid vegetable-tanned leather used on the flaps and skirts are without a doubt the best that can be bought today. This supreme leather is then age for an additional 12 months; a process that is above and beyond even the best of standards.