Henri de Rivel Karla Dressage Saddle

$ 895.00

The stylish Henri de Rivel Karla Dressage Saddle is available in soft, black covered leather. It has a monoflap design with large padded knee blocks to keep your leg in the proper position and get the most from your ride. It features special envelope flocked panels that are perfect for saddle fitting issues. This signature design is a combination of foam and wool panels, which helps to maintain a consistent and reliable fit for comfort of both horse and rider. The free panel design of the SEF follows the horse's top line and eliminates bridging.


Available in a variety of size options. Soft, black covered leather. Signature Henri de Rivel dressage saddle design. Mono-flap design with large padded knee blocks. Special envelope flocked panels. Perfect for saddle fitting issues.


Sizes Available

16.5" Regular and Wide

17" Regular and Wide

17.5" Regular and Wide

18" Regular and Wide


About Henri de Rivel

Few saddleries compare to Henri de Rival. Riders of all experience levels gravitate to Henri de Rival saddles for their handcrafted design and classic look. The saddles, bridles, and tack are created by a highly specialized staff of artisan carpenters and blacksmiths who put all of their art, knowledge, and dedication into making these premium saddles, leather bridles, stirrups, and leather reins. These artisans have been very carefully trained and selected. Henri de Rival wants the riders of the world to experience the exceptional caliber of their saddles. Henri de Rival is an international company founded in France and beloved around the world.